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Autumn/Winter Programme – 2021


October 21st

Conkers, seeds, wind Revisit conkers, bring any interesting seedheads you can find - another chance to study shape, colour, light and dark.

October 28th

  Cosy, chimneys, indoors Look at perspective when drawing and painting interiors, furniture.

November 4th

  Fireworks, frost, woolly hats Research frost patterns, Icelandic/Fair Isle patterns.

November 11th

  Misty mornings, rivers, barges Discover special effects in landscape painting, discover English canal boat painting.

November 18th

  Storms, umbrellas, coats Study movement in painting: weather effects on people.

November 25th

  Cold, inside, outside Another chance to look at perspective in interiors and in landscape - and how it affects the colours you use.

December 2nd

  Shopping, family, lonliness Look at atmospheric effects, people in crowds or as a solitary figure.

December 9th

  Club Christmas Party and the display, voting and presentation of the Les and Vonty Phillips Cup. We'll let you know nearer the time.





All DAC Thursday meetings are from 2.00 – 4.00 pm. at the St George's Hall, Fordington High Street, Dorchester.

Enter via the narrow driveway to the left of the Church tower and bear right. Parking is free.


Full membership is paid annually, click here to see how to join. Membership subscriptions cover the cost of running the club, hiring the Hall and various admin.

There is a £2 charge per meeting for members to cover the cost of the refreshments and for visitors who would like a “taster” meeting before joining the Dorchester Art Club. The charge includes coffee/tea and (usually) chocolate biscuits.

Bring drawing/painting things to all meetings. Subjects are chosen and items may be provided but no particular guidance is given. For items that you might need to bring, see the right-hand column on the chart for the particular meeting. You can bring your own sketches/photos/materials and work in whatever way you like. You can, of course, bring work to do other than the topic set AND ENJOY THE COMPANY WHILE YOU PAINT AND DRAW.



Visitors are most welcome to come to demonstrations and talks by visiting artists, so do please bring your friends. An experienced artist is invited to show how they interpret, paint or draw a subject, while you sit back and watch. The visiting artists are paid so there is a small charge to attend - £3 for members and £5 for visitors.